Camp Site Guidelines

Sacred Arts Camp is held on a field that belongs to a community and the land is run and maintained by them. There is a large home on the land and this is for the sole use of the community. They have given us the following guidelines which helps to make our stay with them work smoothly.

  • You are welcome to walk around the woodland walk on the outside of the camp field and around the children's playground. Young children need to be supervised by an adult.  Please do not forage for wood in the surrounding woodlands, they are managed in an environmentally sustainable way and stripping them of dead wood is not good practice and disturbs wildlife. The meadows are grazed by livestock. There is also lots of wildlife including ground nesting birds. Livestock and wildlife should not be disturbed in any way. Please double check all gates are closed properly ‐ do not leave children to do this. Dogs are not allowed.


  • The house is out of bounds to campers. Do not enter any of the outbuildings, some are unsafe or are private accommodation.  Please do not disturb other visitors or residents. There will be an open afternoon on Tuesday (Market Day) when you can tour the house.

  • Drinkng water is availble from several taps around the site - to reduce any chance of cross-contamination, please only use these for drinking water and not washing up or washing your hands.
  • The toilets are all compost. Please use the urinals when possible as the nitrogen is very useful. Please note that one handful of sawdust is plenty ‐ too much is a problem. Nappies, sanitary items and condoms should be put in bins ‐ NOT into the toilet.  There is hand washing at each toilet, some taps are foot operated.

  • The showers are heated by wood burning stoves which are maintained by Site crew members during the camp.  Any problems need to be reported to them - look for the orange arm-band wearer or use the book in the Gate dome. Please use eco-friendly products only, (100% organic/biodegradable).  We have some lovely products in the camp shop.


  • Please take care of the turf that is taken from your fire pit. Build a relationship with it make it part of your circle. Water it DAILY and even more in really hot weather. It does not like being peed on. Using eco-friendly washing-up liquid means you can use the water on your turfs.

  •  All waste must be properly separated for recycling. Up-to-date information will be provided to each circle.  A skip is provided for recyclable materials. Food waste is deposited in bins and taken for bio‐fuel, do not dispose of any food waste in the woodlands or any where else on site! Please do not mix other rubbish with food waste. Take all other rubbish home with you.  Please pick up ALL litter INCLUDING cigarette ends. Do not throw cigarette ends into the bushes ‐ leave the site as lovely as you found it.

  • Children are the responsibility of parents/carers at all times. There is unfenced water in the grounds but not the camp-site. The woodland play area should always be supervised by an adult. Parents are also responsible for checking out the suitability of any other activities brought by other campers to share.

  • Noise carries a long way at night. People live near the campsite. 11.00 pm is the time to quieten down so that everyone can benefit from a restful sleep. Please stay quiet before 7am.


Thank you for reading all this - now let's enjoy Camp!