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Next year’s camp will be from Friday  26th May – Saturday 3rd June 2017  

on a beautiful site in the Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire

Bookings will be available in February

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We look forward to seeing you again at the camp next year where we will cook, laugh, dance and sing together.

Sacred Arts Camp welcomes people of all ages to be part of a delightful international Camp that honours the spiritual richness of the world.

Our Camp is organised by a group of people who enjoy sharing community together for the week  and want to play a part in keeping it going.  

We are all committed to playing our own part in  keeping the space safe, happy and healthy for us all.

We welcome new people to join us and ask that you share our commitment to protecting community life and our respect for the safety of all people who share this week with us. 

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Sacred Arts Camp 2016 Spring Newsletter

For any further information please Email hello@sacredartscamp.org


If you know of a dance event or venue where SAC leaflets would be
appreciated we can send you multiple copies for distribution – simply
request them by emailing hello@sacredartscamp.org








Building Community in rhythm with earth and sky, celebrating life through dance, voice and creative play.

The Dances of Universal Peace are the main focus of the Sacred Arts Camp. These simple circle dances, which can be wonderfully joyful and yet profoundly moving, are inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of a number of spiritual traditions. Essentially they are a form of meditation through sacred sounds and devotional movements.

Daily sessions will be led by certified Dance Leaders

Sing your heart out.
Experience the joy of singing together, explore your voice, discover harmony and learn beautiful songs from many sources including: sacred, African, gospel, contemporary and traditional.

All with wonderful, experienced teachers.

Other activities include:

Circle Dance, 5 Rhythms dancing, Drumming workshops, Yoga, Tai chi ,  Sweat Lodge,  Meditation, Sharing Groups, Arts & Crafts,and Storytelling.



For children of all ages, Camp is a wonderful opportunity for natural play and making new friends.
Teenagers form a vibrant community within the Camp, creating music, sharing and forming long lasting friendships. They will be supported in organising workshops, games and sports.
Look out for spontaneous creative events!








Creativity sessions include things like: natural art, jewellery, whittling, clay sculpture, nature walks, wide games, dance and song as well as dedicated crafts for adults and teens.

Adult creativity is a growing area of the Camp and can include some life drawing and writing classes and other creative crafts.


Story time for children and adults with exciting and enthusiastic storytellers every evening.

Sharing groups There are opportunities for people to meet in groups to share and explore current themes and celebrate ways of welcoming young adults into our community.

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