What should I bring with me?

Tent, mattress, bedding, cooking and eating utensils, water carrier, loo rolls, wellies, matches, torch. May can still be a little chilly at night so bring extra bedding and clothes to put on if needed.
If you need your mobile phone, you will need to make your own arrangements for charging it, there are no facilities on site.
You don't need to bring the whole range of large pots, fire and wood-cutting tools; there is always some sharing in circles.
Bring musical instruments.
Leave behind alcohol, drugs, dogs and electronic music, electrical items - there is no electricity.

Can the Camp be reached by public transport?

The site is conveniently located 3.5 miles, from the nearest railway station - a short taxi ride of 15 minutes .
Buses between Oxford and Reading stop at the end of the lane.

Can I bring my car on site?

Vehicles can access the site for setting up and taking down (unless adverse weather conditions prevent it). We ask everyone to then place their cars in the car park until after the closing ceremony on the final day.

Are there hot showers?

Hot individual showers are available all day.

Are there activities for all ages? How will I find out what is on and where?

The Camp is a family camp with many different activities on offer. Some of the activities are age specific but most are open to all ages. See Activities and Children and Teens.
The site is relatively small and contained and children enjoy the space to move freely between the activities and their 'home circle' however, children remain the responsibility of parents/carers at all times.
When you arrive at the Gate, you will be welcomed and checked in. You will be given a programme for the week. This provides a framework for the activities. In addition, there are several gatherings through-out the week where further information and any changes will be shared. There is a big notice board in the cafe which is updated every day and also one in the creativity hub.
The Dances of Universal Peace are a primary activity on Camp but there are many other opportunities for interesting activities if these don't interest you.

Is food provided?

No, there is a cafe on site with a range of meals and snacks available through-out the day. There is also a shop providing a wide range of fresh and convenient foods for you to purchase - some organic. In addition, we have a regular delivery from Ocado for anything that the shop cannot provide.
Camping is in circles and each circle works out its own way of doing things. Often people make their own arrangements for breakfast and lunch and have a rota for cooking for the evening meal. People on special diets can cater for themselves individually if that is easiest.

What does it mean when you say the Camp is 'closed'? Can I leave?

One of the many joys of the camp experience is that we all arrive together; from our diverse backgrounds and lives outside of Camp, to begin a journey together for the whole week and this gives a sense of common purpose and enables a safe, nurturing atmosphere in which we can all relax and benefit fully from a wonderful experience.
It is with this in mind that camp tickets are sold for the whole week and we ask campers to make that commitment. Sometimes unexpected things happen and people do need to leave early, we recognise that this can't always be avoided.
If anyone fancies a trip off site, there are several towns in the area and the River Thames is close by.

Can I bring a caravan or campervan?

Residential vehicles are only allowed on site by prior arrangement. We encourage all participants to enjoy the feeling of connectedness with the natural world by camping close to the earth. However we do realise that caravans/campervans may be necessary for some participants. We aim to position them along the hedge line and therefore have restricted capacity.
Please contact us to book in your vehicle, any vehicles not booked in will need to remain in the car park. Click here to Contact Us.

What is karma yoga and why is it necessary?

Although we have a team of people who organise and support the Camp on working tickets, there are still many areas where we need extra support. It is part of the Camp's ethos that, everyone contributes, in some way to the running of the Camp. We ask those adults and teenagers who are not on working tickets, to share in this by working for 2 sessions, for example in the cafe, chopping wood for showers, helping with kids' activities and outings, cleaning the showers, etc. If you have special skills or work you would love to share, please come prepared. Your area and times of work are allocated on arrival at the gate.

What happens if I get unwell at Camp?

We have a team of first-aiders available at all times. However your circle is your first port of call for support, medicines, nurturing. The local GP surgery is less than 4 miles away and contact details for them and nearest hospitals are available at the Gate.